eGov Consulting and Development GmbH

eGovCD is a spinoff of the Fraunhofer-Institute FOKUS currently focusing on the use and promotion of innovative ICT technologies for eGovernment. Although, eID cards are in use for a while, real applications based on these cards are still not widely utilized. To pave the path towards a real deployment, eGovCD offers an eID platform implementation. Indeed, the Open eID project provides a pure Java implementation of the protocols PACE, Terminal Authentication and Chip Authentication which are used by the infrastructure of the new German ID cards. This project furthermore provides an Android eID client implementation. eGovCD and Fraunhofer also developed an eID server for testing purposes which is currently closed source. This framework was developed in the context of the EU project UbiPOL. With the new German ID cards citizens are able to provide sensitive personal data electronically in a very secure way while keeping full control over this data to service providers enabling new services or bringing higher security and usability to existing services. On the other hand service providers benefit from trustworthy and reliable user data. The Open eID framework will be used in the context of SMILE mainly to prevent malicious users to bind their biometrics to the identities of other persons (Link: