Eulambia Advanced Technologies Ltd

Eulambia is a recently founded company as a spin-off from the Optical Communications and Photonics Technologies Laboratory of the University of Athens, Greece. Members of the company are highly qualified engineers and Physicists having a PhD degree in broadband communications and sensing systems. The areas of expertise of the company are photonics and microwave electronics for communications and sensing applications.

Highlighted Achievements of Eulambia’s members in the past are:

  • Worldwide, first experimental demonstration of the fastest true random number generators based on photonic integrated circuits operating at chaotic regime (designed by the group as well)
  • Worldwide First demonstration of Optical encryption systems based on chaotic carriers, tested on installed optical networks and operated in real conditions.
  • Development and Prototype Demonstration of Complete, Fully functional Polymer Optical Fiber Communications Systems, ranked amongst fastest operating worldwide.
  • Development and demonstration of novel schemes of Optical frequency reference dissemination over installed optical fibres
  • Design of Novel, Advanced, Ultra-broadband Coherent Systems and Phase Sensitive amplifiers. •Successful design, from the concept to the mask level, of complicated and demanding photonic integrated devices for a large number of applications such as Photonic Integrated Chips for Optical chaotic encryption systems, High Power Quantum Dot Lasers and Amplifiers, Micro–Ring Based multifunctional Components, Mid-IR nonlinear Photonic IC’s, etc. The corresponding devices, fabricated in Silicon and III-V foundries have been tested by the group members and confirmed the validity of the design.
  • Development and demonstration of a complete Optical Fiber, Modal Component Analyzer with Spectral Resolution limited performance for use in Multimode Fiber based sensing systems
  • Development and Demonstration of a Modal Filter/Adapter between Multimode and Single Mode Fibres for use in distributed sensing systems in the oil industry.
  • Development of fully functional prototypes of Optoelectronic Interrogation and Data Acquisition systems for Ice detection on the Aircraft Wings. The prototypes have successfully tested in flight test, installed on commercial helicopters.
  • Development of complete mechanical impact detection systems for Aerospace applications

The company employees have participated in a significant number of Research and Development Projects funded by EU and National Greek funding schemes.