Future Intelligence Ltd

Future Intelligence Ltd(FINT) is a UK SME specializing in Information & Communication technologies (ICT). The company was established in 2012 is privately held and its main facilities located in London Docklands. It provides highly demanded solutions and business services covering a number of activities, in the fields of Long range Communications (WiMAX, LTE), Short range Communications (WSN, M2M, IoT) and Future Internet (Distributed Cloud Environments).

Current commercial and research activities of Future Intelligence Ltd include next generation networks, sensor adaptation and data interpretation techniques, data mining and data provision through cloud based applications, distributed computing techniques and big data analytics.

FINT offers a range of solutions on top of its series of products - called FINoT - for effective telemetry and remote management of devices. These solutions address system/solution integrators. By selecting FINoT, a partner gets all necessary wireless communication modules and modular software components that enable him to interconnect and manage any type of sensor/actuator, increasing his client’s productivity. FINoT platform can be expand both horizontally and vertically both on device and cloud level while is fully integrated with FIWARE. The current turnkey solutions include Outdoor Smart Lighting, Environmental Monitoring and Smart Agriculture.

FINT has developed PCP platform providing a solution for customers who want to accelerate their application, minimize their power consumption and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership by easily integrate programmable logic devices into their cloud infrastructure.

Moreover FINT will launch soon a solution for smart surveillance using low cost cloud orchestrated embedded systems.

FINT has developed a communication bubble for realising a quickly deployable, high bandwidth, relay-capable and network-independent solution which can be applied during emergency situations, serving the new era of Search and Rescue (SaR) operations. The service may incorporate various vendors' unmanned vehicles (ground, water and/or aerial) delivering real-time information coming from the on-board sensors and cameras to operation's coordination centre. The solution can be also used for Wide Area Surveillance, Oil and Gas Infrastructure Monitoring, Border Security, Forest Files & Emergency Conditions Monitoring etc.

The company is also contributing to scientific research on the above mentioned fields by pitching in with other players in order to produce innovative and original products or services. The company’s core personnel have participated having active and key roles in more than 30 EU-funded projects (FP6, FP7, INTERREG-MED, SEE, H2020) in the domains of ICT, SECURITY, TRANSPORT, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, AGRICULTURE and INDUSTRY.

Website: www.f-in.co.uk