Hungarian National Police

The Hungarian National Police is the only police agency in Hungary, with more than 42,000 sworn members. It undertakes all policing duties within Hungary, including criminal investigation, patrol activities, traffic policing and border control. It is led by the National Police Commissioner under the control of the Minister of the Interior. The body is divided into county police departments, with a further subdivision into regional and town police departments. County police departments and some special units are affiliated legal entities. It is also the agency which operates the 112 national emergency response system, called the ESR. (The Hungarian Border Guard was integrated into the HNP in 2008.)

Border control duties are coordinated by the General Department of Border Control and carried out by 67 Border Police Outposts and 85 BCPs along the external border as well as inland alien policing units, consisting of 3500 uniformed professionals in total.Specialist areas of expertise of the HNP can be summarised as follows:

  • Law-enforcement, including public policing, criminal investigation, traffic policing and border control.
  • Operating the situational network (112) centre covering all of Hungary.
  • Own risk analysis department.
  • More than 120 years of experience in policing.
  • Experience in policy making and supervision in the area of aviation security.
  • Strong international cooperation capabilities (liaison officers, attachés, National Contact Point etc.).
  • Sound experience in training staff in the use of the e-learning network.
  • Use of different media to inform public (press officer network), good connection to key players.
  • Experience in EU funded projects (PHARE, KHA, SA, FP7, Twinning, FP7, ISF, H2020)