Romanian Border Police

Romanian borders with centralized organization at national, regional and local level.

At national (central) level border management is carried out by the General Inspectorate of Border Police (Inspectoratul General al Politiei de Frontiera), (GIBP). It co-ordinates the activity of its subordinated structures and carries out activities of investigation and inquiry of the serious crimes in the field of border related offences such as organized crime, illegal migration and cross-border crime. The GIBP is managed by a General Inspector and three deputies coordinating altogether 12 services directly subordinated to the GIBP.

Two main directorates of the GIBP are the Directorate for Surveillance and Control of Border Crossings (DSCBC) and the Directorate for Countering Illegal Migration and Cross-Border Crime. The other GIBP structures are either support ones or specialized in specific related issues. Within the structure of the GIBP there is furthermore the NCC for the implementation of the EUROSUR-project (at first only to cover the blue border but later on planned to extend its attributions and become fully operational in 2013 (with RCC's set up for each neighboring country and the Black Sea). The DSCBC is the specialized structure in drafting the general conception of the PFR regarding border control, coordinating activities of territorial structures and drafting procedures and regulations in carrying out border control, coordinating the inter-institutional cooperation.

The General Inspectorate of Border Police cooperates with the central public administration authorities, judicial institutions, other state central institutions as well as the representatives of the civil society. Situational awareness is ensured by the complex of border control, intelligence, risk analysis and investigation activities of the Romanian Border Police, enhanced by the inter-agency and international cooperation.