SMILE Action at EAB Research Projects Conference (EAB – RPC) 2018

On September 24th, George Stavropoulos of Centre of Research & Technology – Hellas (CERTH ITI) presented an overview of SMILE Action, use cases and architecture, technical solutions, and pilot scenarios. The EAB – RPC conference is the biggest event on research projects funded by the EU in the domain of biometrics and ID Management providing the attendees with the opportunity to: promote research carried out in biometrics, develop new links and synergies, and identify the appropriate partners for possible future applications.

Several EU-funded research projects dedicated to strengthening security through border management were presented together with SMILE Action, such as BODEGA, iBorderCtrl, PROTECT,  TRESSPASS and FOLDOUT presenting the progress achieved in these,  provide updates on how results from finished projects are being used to improve biometric technology and give a perspective into the future of biometric research.

Beyond the research community, the conference offered the opportunity for a more comprehensive view of the state of biometric technology and identity management technology in Europe with the participation of end-users ( FRONTEX, ENFSI), policymakers (European Data Protection Board), IT Managers (e.g. eu-LISA which is in charge of deploying and running European systems such as SIS-II , Eurodac and others) and industrial partners giving their point of view and present the challenges that they face in the development of real-world solutions.

This year’s EAB – RPC conference was organised as part of the Darmstadt Biometric Week 2018 and attended by 190 participants from 26 different countries. SMILE Action vision and technical solutions were well received by the attendees. Moreover, SMILE representatives had the chance to agree on common activities with other H2020 projects that we will be able to announce later on.