SMILE at Industry day – Biometrics on the move 2018

The SMILE Action participated in “Industry day – Biometrics on the move 2018” organised by Frontex, on April 25th in Warsaw, Poland. The aim of the workshop was to exchange ideas on new and emerging biometric authentication applications.

The SMILE team, represented by Mr Georgios Stavropoulos of CERTH, presented the Action’s ambitions, targeting the development of an integrated solution for border crossing points, friendly both for travellers and border officers, which will employ existing and novel technologies to increase the efficiency of these control points. Moreover, a description of the SMILE overall architecture was given, focusing on key technologies upon which the SMILE project is expected to build, including homomorphic encryption mechanisms, Physical Unclonable Function-based security solutions, cloud trust protocols, embedded security elements for data storage and exchange etc.

The SMILE project was well-received and attracted considerable interest from the organisers of the industry day, as it attempts to provide a viable solution to a series of challenges commonly encountered by EU travellers and professionals alike, and to simultaneously enhance Europe’s security against external threats.