SMILE H2020 Action updates its pilots’ scenarios

To better meet the needs of end-users, we have adapted the pilots’ scenarios accordingly.  The framework described below provides the structure and context in which the evaluation of our innovative solution will be carried out.

In our tests, three categories of users are participating taking into consideration the strictest privacy and ethical EU and national rules:

  • Adult travellers who participate voluntarily based on informed consent without substituting the actual border checks.
  • Border Crossing Point officers and managers.
  • System administrators responsible for the management and maintenance of the system.

During the several months that the pilots occur, we assess multiple functions of the proposed system, such as:

  • Enrolment: where a user registers itself to the SMILE system by using the SMILE web/mobile application and providing the necessary information to create a user account.
  • Pre-registration: where the registered SMILE user acts as traveller or travel group leader and submits the required trip information, before beginning her/his journey, to be able to use the SMILE services at the land border crossing points.
  • Border crossing: where a traveller or group of travellers try to cross the border utilising the SMILE services while being checked by the BCP officers.
  • Access an event in a high-security building: where an individual or a group attends a special event -where high dignitaries will be present- by utilising the SMILE services and following the same steps described above.
  • System monitoring: where the SMILE system administrators, competent security officers and higher command officers can monitor the status of the SMILE system, like statistics, reports, and security alerts.

The SMILE system will be deployed for testing in two pilot sites:

  • The first pilot site is located at Romanian-Hungarian border (Nadlac II BCP point)
  • The second pilot site is found at the Bulgarian-Romanian BCP (Ruse-Giurgiu BCP) near the city of Ruse, Bulgaria.