Press Kit

SMILE  Action brochure - 3rd edition

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SMILE  Action poster - 3rd edition

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SMILE Action 5th Press Release on the final results of the project!

Find more details here SMILE Action 5th Press Release!

SMILE's Action 4th Press Release on a webinar dedicated to ethical, legal, and societal challenges posed by new technologies is now available!

Find out more here SMILE Action 4th Press Release

SMILE Action's 3rd press release on a FRONTEX official visit at our pilot facilities is available!

Find out more here SMILE Action 3rd press release

The second SMILE Action press release on pilots commencement is available for download!

SMILE Action 2nd Press Release

SMILE  Action poster - 2nd edition

Come take a look at! SMILE Poster 2nd version

SMILE Action brochure - 2nd edition

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SMILE  Action Banner

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SMILE  Action poster - 1st edition

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SMILE Action brochure - 1st edition

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The first SMILE Action press release is available for download!