H2020 projects’ webinar on if & how new law enforcement technologies could be trusted

Technology is more responsive to the security and privacy threats observed in the extensive use of surveillance technologies, biometric systems and profiling tools. Hence, this rapid development creates a need for an ethical integration on security technologies, their applications and their effect on fundamental rights and freedoms.

To tackle these challenges, SMILE H2020 Action together with PERSONA, MAGNETO, D4FLY, PREVISION, ROXANNE and TRESSPASS EU-funded H2020 Actions working on border security and crime-fighting technologies will launch on 18-19 of June an online seminar to provide a platform for addressing challenges and exchanging ideas on ethics, privacy and data protection.

Discussion on if and how law enforcement technologies like biometrics and AI can be trusted

The goal of the participating H2020 projects is to provide an international workshop on ethics, privacy, and data protection. More specifically, this webinar aims to discuss the legal, ethical and societal issues generated by the introduction of AI and biometric technologies in the area of border control and law enforcement and explore current approaches and considerations related to mitigation of these challenges.

As Mohamed Abomhara, a post-doctoral researcher at NTNU and SMILE Action stated: “New technologies in this digital era can be seen everywhere from border crossing points, streets, to the internet with tools and tactics that are used by law enforcement. For law practitioners, it means learning how to prevent and investigate crimes, but in a way, that is legal, as well as ethical. Such dilemmas become more and more critical to societies, and this is not going to change any time soon. To this end, our researchers join forces, work and share their knowledge with other players in the field to facilitate the adoption of technologies without jeopardising personal freedoms”.

On the first day, representatives of the respective projects will articulate their ethical and legal approach with regards to their novel solutions. On the second day, keynote speakers will focus on how an ethical integration on security technologies such as monitoring technologies, biometric systems and profile tools, can be feasible. Finally, at the end of each day, a questions and answers session will take place.

Webinar agenda

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