Tech Inspire

Tech Inspire Ltd is a fast growing UK start-up company focusing on the security and privacy aspects of intelligent information infrastructure, mobile computing and Cloud computing. Our team is internationally known in the areas of data security, end-to-end encryption and privacy preserving searchable encryption. Since its inception in 2013, Tech has been actively engaged in a number of cutting-edge research, innovation and commercialisation projects within EU and internationally. Tech is currently involved in Horizon 2020 projects working in collaboration with major European partners to develop the security strategies and implement novel techniques under the Innovation Action (IA) and Research and Innovation Action (RIA) Schemes. The recent EU project undertaken by Tech was to develop a secure multi-channel biometrics platform combining acoustic and machine vision analysis of speech together with lip movement and facial features (The total project amount is €4.1M and the project started in 2015 with a duration of 3 years). Tech is also involved in Close-to-Market product developments such as continuous authentication for mobile phones and secure data encryption in Cloud storage.

The core expertise of Tech’s team are:

  • Security protocol design, implementation and validation
  • Security Architectures
  • Risk assessment and compliance
  • Security certification and audit
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Data Privacy
  • Searching in the encrypted domain
  • Classifying data in the encrypted domain